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Adopting Puppies

Puppies are available!!!! Sorry, we haven't had time to add photos yet.

Call Melissa for details. (618) 927-4509

Silky Male Puppies: $2200
Sliky Female Puppies: $2500
(Prices subject to change.) 

Looking at puppies is SO EXCITING!!! We know first hand, and we love it too!!! We also understand that you are making a commitment to another family member who you will love and cherish for a decade and more. Melissa and her staff will be available to answer questions that might arise along the way. 

Miller’s Puppies Silky Terrier's come with their dew claws removed, first shots, de-wormed, AKC or APR papers, vet check, and a two year written (genetic defects or communicable diseases) health guarantee.

Choosing a loving family puppy from a quality breeder ensures your puppy will be healthy and happy for years. We encourage you to ask lots of questions! Here are answers to a few of the most common inquiries. Please call or message if you have any other questions about choosing a puppy, how we can get a puppy to you, or our Puppy Health Guarantee.

We upload photos to our website and Miller's Puppies Facebook page. Also, we are happy to send more images and/or videos to help you choose your perfect puppy! Going to be in our area? We'd love to arrange a date/time to visit Miller's Puppies in person! If you have no doubt you want a puppy please call. Puppies are sold before I can correspond back and forth over email.
Absolutely! We love families to visit! We are happy to show off our parent pups and of course their little puppies. The only thing we ask is that you call ahead to arrange a date and time. As you can imagine it can get very busy: feeding, snuggling with and training our dogs! And did you know we frequently make road trips to personally deliver new puppies to their new families all over the country!!!
Yes, if you are interested in one of our available puppies or would like to ensure you receive your litter pick from an upcoming litter we do ask for a $500 deposit. Your deposit is transferable to another available puppy, for example upon visiting you fall in love with another. However, non-refundable if you change your mind or circumstances change where you can't take a puppy. Full payment is due at the time of pick-up. If we are shipping or delivering you puppy full payment of puppy is needed one week before scheduled date. If you have no doubt you want a puppy please call. Puppies are sold before I can correspond back and forth over email.
Yes. We are happy to work with you to get you the puppy you want! We ask for a $300 deposit to be put on our puppy waiting list. At the time you pick up your puppy, payment is due in full. If we will be shipping the puppy to you, full payment is required one week before ship date. Deposits are non-refundable if you change your mind or circumstances change where you can not buy puppy. Litters are born periodically throughout the year. Please call or message me if you'd like to find out more, or would like to be on our waiting list. Information about available litters can be found on the website. Our new puppies often go to families who already have Miller's Puppies!
Miller's Puppies accepts PayPal, Check, Cash.
Everyone would love to pick up there new puppy in person, but we know that's not an option. Therefore we are experienced and comfortable shipping your puppy to you. To ship anywhere in USA depending on weight: Usually $185.00 for Puppies Very Nice Crate For Puppy $40.00 Mileage and Time to Airport $100.00 TOTAL $325.00 Please contact us for international shipping.
You bet!!! We really enjoy traveling and meeting personally with our puppies new family! We can deliver your puppy to your front door or meet you halfway! We always taking a few photos and have one last belly scratch! It's one of our favorite ways to get your new puppy into your arms! Contact us for an estimate which includes fuel, time and if needed, any travel accessories.
To the best of my knowledge all puppies are in good health at the time of placement. The new family has 48 hours from the date & time of the sale in which to have the puppy checked by a licensed Veterinarian and is urged to do so. If the new family does NOT take puppy to vet within 48 hours this contract is VOID. No money will be returned after this time. A replacement puppy will be offered after the first forty-eight hours. I have a two year genetic health guarantee. Puppy replacement only. • Vet confirm puppies health within 2 days (48 hours) of getting your new puppy, • Return signed copy to Miller’s Kennels If the new families veterinarian finds anything seriously wrong with the puppy, they will be refunded the price of the puppy only during this forty-eight hours after a puppy replacement will be offered. Provided a letter from the examining Veterinarian is offered as evidence of the puppy’s illness. Before any money is refunded, or puppy replacement the breeder will be allowed to take the puppy to the vet to verify illness. Note: The cost of any medical treatment at the time of the examination by your vet is the sole responsibility of the new family. NO REIMBURSMENT WILL BE MADE FOR ANY MEDICAL EXPENSES Miller's Kennel assumes no responsibility on this puppy after leaving the premises, including medical expenses, mortality, landlord’s disapproval, allergy to animals, disagreement with family, or for any other reason. It is further understood and agreed that no warranty or representation has been made with respect to sold puppy, except as set forth in writing in this agreement. NO MONEY REFUND IS GIVEN AFTER THE 48 HRS!!
Yes. Besides offering the best start for your new puppy, a visit to your vet within the first 48 hours with a new family insures our Puppy Health Guarantee will be available if something unknown is found. For more explanation please read our Puppy Health Guarantee section found on this page.
Absolutely! We are always available via phone, email, text or Facebook message for consultations after puppy placement. I also enjoy your emails and telephone call with updates on how your puppy/puppies are doing in their new home.