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Silky Terrier

According to AKC the Silky Terriers belong to the toy terrier group. The Silky Terrier is low set, slightly longer than it is tall. It is of refined bone structure. Silky Terrier is a Toy Dog, by AKC grouping.  But, don’t be fooled. They are a true terrier by personality.  Originally a cross between a Yorkie and an Australian Terrier, this breed is as active, bright, entertaining, self-impressed and an Excellent watchdog. If you want a busy, hardy little companion that will make you smile and is game for anything you can think of, consider a Silky.  Silky’s love attention and are very intelligent. They can be stubborn, but will do most anything to please you or get your attention.

The Silky is a stoutly built dog with a single coat of long hair, much like human hair. The hair is blue (shade of slate to silver) on the body with rich tan coloring on the face, feet, and ears.  The hair should be of a very silky nature - not too soft or wiry. The topknot should be a lighter tan coloring. The silky coat - from which the name Silky derives, is of a soft nature and is non-shedding. For this reason, the breed is always in great demand as a house pet.  Silky’s are great companions for people who suffer from allergies associated with dog hair.

  • Coat: Long, smooth, silky, and shiny. There is no undercoat. Steel-blue is the most prized color. The most common color is light to dark blue-grey with brown.
  • Character: These dogs are upbeat, lively, intelligent, loyal, and surprisingly protective.
  • Training: The intelligence of this breed makes training fairly easy.
  • Activity: The exercise needs of this dog are uncomplicated. It will adapt itself to the activity level of your family.